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Quotes I have met many people that claim to be ?experts? in their fields. Most of them were good, but I would only choose a couple of them that I would put my name on them as being the best at what they do. Vinny is one of them! Vinny's talent is complimented with strong professionalism, fairness, a hard work ethic and of course an unstoppable drive for perfection. When I gave him a call about my 2012 Nissan GT-R, it only took a few minutes to tell that he was the real deal and exactly what my precious car needed. Upon completion of my vehicle I was utterly amazed at the results. I am confident that Vinny is one of only a very few across the country that can do this type of job at a level approaching perfection. All it takes is a few minutes talking to him about your vehicle to realize that he knows his business and he will be serious about your satisfaction. Your car will be in excellent hands. THANK YOU VINNY! Quotes
David Truby
Precious Car Owner

Quotes Vinny, Absolutely fantastic !! You have an incredible talent which exceeds all expectations.......I like your style. Quotes

Quotes Once again Vinny maintained his professional and friendly customer service and highest quality detailing. Super fast response time, very quick to squeeze us into his schedule, and an amazingly clean vehicle. Puts you into a better mood to get into the vehicle after Vinny's detail work. And you don't even have to take the time to drop it off somewhere - I could keep going on my day while the van was being transformed in the driveway. Truly - this is the ONLY way to get your vehicle detailed! Thank you Vinny! Quotes
Repeat Customer

Quotes Thank you Vinny! Our minivan was in desperate need of a detail. The night before my inlaws arrived I found Vinny's website and phoned him. He happened to have an opening and showed up early the next morning!! Amazingly thorough and hard working professional that he is - the van looked incredible with time to spare! And he was so nice to our kids when they wanted to see what was going on. Very highly recommend!! Quotes
In-law Visit

Quotes Vinny made my Audi A8 look new. His detail-oriented approach is not only condusive to high-end cars, but also daily driver cars. He spent 2 long days cleaning every inch of the interior and exterior. After he clayed, sealed, and waxed the car, it looks better today than the day it left the dealer. I highly recommend Vinny due to his honesty, obsessive nature to clean, and quality to workmanship. Quotes
Martin Mottesi
Chief Operating Officer

Quotes I am the proud owner of a 2009 Pontiac G8 GT. The color is Sport Red Metallic . Thanks to Vinnys tireles work, he completed a Paint Protection Detail Package and Engine Dressing on 4-15- 2011. Car came out excellent, and I got plenty of great reviews about the detail job when I attended the Irvine C and C the Sat. after (4-16). Keep up the good work Vinny and I'll continue to use your services for both my family cars and would recommend you to all my friends. Bob Covello Irvine Quotes
Bob Covello

Quotes I am a lover of off roading and going mudding and getting the jeep completely covered. But when my car got a makeover my Vinny it makes me want to keep it clean forever. This man has many talents in detailing. If you ever want a car wash don't even think about going to the gas station. It is so worth your time and money to go to Vinny. He 100% completely turned my car's engine around. If you want to see for yourself look at the pictures. You will be almost as amazed as I was. I would recommend Vinny to anyone and everyone. He is the best detailer I have ever seen! Quotes
Chase Cleckner

Quotes A through-and-through professional job. This 3-year-old Lexus RX400h, which has weathered the abuse of two young daughters and scores of furniture hauls, hasn't looked this good since I brought it home brand-new from the dealership. Years of interior stains and exterior scratches were diligently and proficiently worked out of the car. By far the best detailing job I have had on any car I have had for the past twenty years. Quotes

Quotes Vinny saved my vehicle. My Pathfinder was in really bad shape and Vinny brought it back to life. I couldn't be happier. My wifes Suburban is next. Quotes
Travis Jones

Quotes I am the lucky owner of that sparkling clean BMW!!!! It's gorgeous! Thanks so much Vinny!!!! Couldn't be happier with it Quotes
Cindy Andrews