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Ceramic Coatings

When it comes to Ceramic coatings and paint correction, we here at Detail By Vinny have more experience than almost any other ceramic installer in the south, much less the U.S. Our owner, Vinny Sorrentino, has travelled all across the U.S. for his vast range of knowledge/skill-set and tested nearly every coating on the market. He has also worked on nearly every current production vehicle currently manufactured (from high-end daily drivers through exotics and one-off builds). Through this rigorous testing as well as warranty we have been able to determine that the coatings available through Car Pro are the most capable coatings on the market. They share both the wettest and warmest look, paired with the pinnacle of protection (both hydrophobic properties as well as etching/water-spot resistance) as well as the backing of a true warranty. Should you have any issue whatsoever with your coating Corey at CarPro will go above and beyond to make sure both you and the installer are taken care of in the event of a failure...which mind you is incredibly rare. This means even if you are traveling out of state and we are unable to deal with the infinitely rare "issue" you are still going to be taken care of.  We partnered with CQ not only because they have the best coating, but because they share our exact passion of taking care of the customer, no matter what the situation. It is not the exclusivity of FINEST that gained my trust, but the heavy vetting and desire for outright perfection of Car-Pro that earned our loyalty. If you are going to have a ceramic coating installed, you want it to be FINEST.