Detail By Vinny

Perfection is an Obsession


Convience and Peace of Mind

When it comes to your vehicle, we understand the significant investment you have made as well as the pride and joy you have in ownership. It is our job to make sure that your vehicle adequately reflects that pride and joy. With that said, we want to let you know how safe your vehicle is in my care. Not only does it receive our award winning care and attention, but we are also:

Bonded, Licensed & Insured ($1,000,000 policy)

We have taken the most extensive actions to ensure your vehicle is covered every step of the way. That's just part of the peace of mind guarantee. 

Not only are you fully covered under our care, but all of our services are planned to work in the most efficient way possible. We are located in Franklin Tennessee, and have all the proper professional equipment in house. We have the art of detailing down to a science. We use everything from all natural products, to completely mineral and carbon free water. This means that we can wash jet black paint in the middle of a sunny summer day and there is absolutely no risk of leaving water spots, that's only if we don't feel like making a mess in our temperature controlled shop. This is the same water used in the Vanderbilt Surgical Center. Top notch. 

In the event that we are called out of the shop for a mobile setup, all of our equipment as well as supplies will arrive in my insulated trailer, making it out of site and out of mind. No need to have an eye-sore in the neighborhood as I perform the work. There are several other aspects that go into this unique detailing experience, don't hesitate to ask for more information. This all comes together to form the Detail By Vinny formula that guarantees your convenience and peace of mind as I work on some of your most prized possessions.