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Perfection is an Obsession

CQ FINEST Reserve Installation

CQ FINEST Reserve is the pinnacle of correction and protection for those customers who desire a truly concours level finish. Below is a decent description of the service. In it's simplest form, this service includes every aspect of a detail that one could desire. It includes a full correction (both inside and out) to achieve as perfect of a result as the vehicle will let us. No vehicle will be truly perfect, but at worst this service is 98% of the way there. Highly recommended for any truly sentimental vehicles, frame off restorations, as well as any new exotic. Of course we are happy to provide this treatment to any vehicle where it's in the budget, but this is strictly designed for anyone who demands the best of the best. Nothing is left untouched. 

CQ FINEST Reserve Installation

Estimated Duration: 3-5 Days

  • 36 Stage Complimentary Inspection
  • Thoroughly Vacuum Interior/Mats
  • Steam-Clean Dash/Center Console
  • Shampoo Floor Mats
  • Dry Floor Mats
  • Shampoo Carpet/Upholstery/Alcantara
  • Dry Carpet/Upholstery/Alcantara
  • Remove Stains from Headliner with Steam-Cleaner
  • Steam-Clean Leather with pH Balanced Cleaner
  • Rejuvenate Leather with pH Balanced Conditioner 
  • Dress & Protect Dash/Door Panels/Center Console
  • Clean Windows
  • Re-Vacuum Interior
  • Seal Carpets with Stain Preventer
  • Mask off Alternator and performance air intakes
  • Degrease/Clean Engine Bay
  • Pressure Wash Engine Bay
  • Dry Engine Bay with Blower & Microfiber Cloths 
  • Dress Selected Components (hoses, engine cover...etc)
  • Degrease Wheel Wells/Tires
  • Non-Acidic Wash to Rims & Exhaust Pipes (Acidic Styled Solution may be used for heavier buildup)
  • Degrease and Wash Vehicle
  • Clay Bar Treatment to Exterior/Rims/Exhaust Pipes
  • Re-Wash Vehicle
  • Metal Shine Polish to Rims/Exhaust Pipes/Chrome Accents
  • Lug Nut/Emblem Treatment
  • Remove and correct all Rims
  • Apply 2 heavy layers CQ FINEST Reserve to rims and Bake
  • Tape Exterior Trim
  • Headlight and Tail Light Restoration
  • Wet Sanding/De-Nibbing (Where Needed)
  • Machine Compound To Exterior 
  • Four-Phase Machine Polish to Exterior, Door Jambs, and Windows
  • Remove Tape And Excess Residue
  • Re-Wash Exterior
  • Apply 3 Heavy Coats CQ FINEST Reserve to all painted surfaces, plastics, trim and Bake
  • Dress Tires

Price Per Vehicle: Starting at $2500 + tax