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CQuartz Professional Installation

CQ Professional: w/ 2 Year Registered Warranty

Estimated Duration: 1-3 Days depending on preparation

Below is a basic overview of my CQ Professional Installation process. CQ Professional is a superior coating that goes over heavily corrected paint. This coating is ideal for those who want a heavy does of correction and protection, but do not desire a true concours finish. On top of adding 4 mils of proven protection, this coating is least prone to water spots and etchings. It adds a slick top-coat that is incredibly easy to wash and helps prevent swirls/scratching with future maintenance. Although it has a 2 year paperback warranty, with proper maintenance this coating will last for 4-7 years. 

  • Vacuum Interior
  • Steam Dash/Door Panels/Seats/Center Console
  • Clean Windows
  • Fill Two Buckets with Water (One is for the rims, the other is for the paint, this prevents scratching the finish)
  • Degreasing Solution to Tires/Wheel Wells
  • Iron Treatment to Rims (Surface, Backside, and Rim Well)
  • Pressure Wash Rims
  • Bird Dropping/Tar Removal
  • Pressure Wash Exterior
  • Foam Gun treatment to Exterior

Cost Per Vehicle:

Cars: Starting at $1,495 + tax

SUV's: Starting at $1,695 + tax

  • Re-Pressure Wash Exterior
  • Iron/Surface Contaminate Removal
  • Paint Correction (2-4 stages): cost can vary
  • Re-Wash Vehicle
  • Apply 3 layers  CQ Professional to Painted Surfaces (Professional Licensed Addition)
  • Remove Rims and Apply DLUX to All Cleared Surfaces 
  • Apply CQ Professional To Headlights, Chrome Accents, Plastic Trim (2 Heavy Coats)
  • Evenly Level 4 Mils of Protection
  • Apply Forte to all Glass 
  • Bake and Let Set for 24 hours
  • Dress Tires, Wheel Wells