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Paint Protection Package

Paint Protection Package

Estimated Duration: 5 Hours

  • Vacuum Interior
  • Synthetic Detail to Dash/Door Panels/Seats/Center Console
  • Clean Windows
  • Fill Two Buckets with Water (One is for the rims, the other is for the paint, this prevents scratching the finish)
  • Heavy Degreaser to Tires and Wheel Wells
  • Iron Remover to Rims (Surface, Backside, and Rim Well)
  • Pressure Wash Rims
  • Bird Feces/Tar Removal
  • Pressure Wash Exterior
  • Foam Gun to Exterior, worked in with Premium Microfiber to prevent Swirling or Scratching
  • Re-Pressure Wash Exterior
  • Iron/Fallout remover and clay bar treatment to paint/glass
  • Two-Phase Paint Sealant Application 
  • Hand Applied Paste Wax; your choice of either a 53% carnauba paste wax, or a 59% Pure Brazilian paste wax ($75 extra)
  • Dress Tires, Wheel Well, Rubber & Plastic Trim

Cost Per Vehicle:

Cars: Starting at $300.00 + tax

SUVs: Starting at $375.00 + tax

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Durability: 9mos-1yr