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Suntek Top Coat Installation

Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra Wraps)


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Suntek Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) Installs are the pinnacle of paint protection. Films are not designed to make your vehicle look better, they are designed to preserve your paint for the next 10 years without the possibility of rock chips, scratches, swirls...etc. When paired with a paint correction/coating service the clarity and gloss is second to none. Once my film is installed, it is incredibly difficult to see to the naked eye, and makes maintenance a breeze. With my experience, I strongly encourage my customers to install Suntek Ultra Film. It is the clearest film on the market with the most efficient self-correcting properties. If the film is swirled or scratched, when it heats up in sunlight the damage is removed automatically. It eliminates the possibility of rock chips, has almost zero visible texture, and is guaranteed for 10 years and an unlimited amount of miles. I do not install XPEL film because contrary to popular belief, it is not a premier film. It has texture close to that of a golf ball, as also lacks clarity. For those wanting proof to this statement, I have pictures and a write up. 

Paint Protection Install Packages:

Standard Protection:

The standard protection install protects the vehicle from 75% of road rash/rock chips but will leave visible seams on fenders/hood. 

  • Front Bumper
  • Headlights/Fog Lights
  • Front 12-18" of Fender
  • Front 12-18" of Hood
  • Mirrors
  • Rocker/Rear Impact (Optional)

Cost: Starting at $895.00 + tax

Premium Protection:

The premium protection install will protect the vehicle form 99% of road rash/rock chips and leave behind minimal seams with wrapped edges. 

  • Front Bumper
  • Headlights/Fog Lights
  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Full Mirrors
  • Rockers 
  • Rear Impact 
  • Splash 

Cost: Starting at $1695.00 + tax

Entire Vehicle Protection:

When wrapping an entire vehicle I start by removing all badges, cladding, emblems, mirrors...etc. I then proceed to wrap every painted surface of the vehicle. There are a few vehicles where kits are available, but for a truly seamless install I prefer to bulk wrap anything possible before reassembling the vehicle. This takes on average 1 week per install and includes paint correction and coating. Each vehicle will vary as painted surface area and stretch will be specific to the unit. The goal is to provide a seamless install, although in many cases a small seam will be visible in certain hard to see areas. This is the ultimate in paint protection as not only does it eliminate the possibility of roach chips, scratches, etching...etc, but maintenance is incredibly simple thereafter. There is almost nothing you can do short of crashing your vehicle to damage the cosmetic condition of your vehicle. 

Cost: Starting at $5000.00 + tax

Entire Vehicle Wrap has been installed: That's the best way to protect this $500,000 build.